Andrew Allemann

Niche Media Expert.

I'm passionate about niche media.The world of online news and information is quickly changing, and niche media publications and websites published by recognized authorities are becoming more important.That's what I do: create and/or manage and support niche media websites.

Media Properties.

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Domain Name Wire

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Founded in 2005, Domain Name Wire is the go-to-source for news and analysis about the domain name and web presence industry. With nearly 15,000 posts, the site is visited by domain name investors, domain registrars, registries, attorneys, and others with an interest in the domain name business.Domain Name Wire also publishes the DNW Podcast with interviews with leading minds in the business.Domain Name Wire has been cited in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Washington Post.Domain Name Wire is owned and operated by Brainstorm Labs, LLC.

Stacey on IoT

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The Internet of Things continues to grow in importance, and one journalist has been at the forefront of IoT trends since before it was a big deal: Stacey Higginbotham.Stacey produces news and analysis for Stacey On IoT and I handle all sponsorships to support her journalism.Stacey on IoT consists of a website, an IoT podcast that has been downloaded millions of times, and a weekly newsletter with over 17,000 subscribers.Stacey on IoT is owned and operated by SKT Labs, LLC.

Homepage of Domain Name Wire

Note: Sold to Podcast Media, LLC in 2022.There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts, and many of them use a guest interview format. was created to help podcasters connect with the best experts to interview.I created after becoming frustrated with my efforts to book experts for my own podcast. It turns out many other podcasters face the same challenge.Over 40,000 people subscribe to the service, which is based on a freemium model. The service is responsible for connecting thousands of podcast interviews.